Aino Turtiainen, New Chairman for IAMA

Published 18.12.2012

The International Artist Managers’ Association (IAMA) Board of Directors has appointed a new Chairman as from January 2013. Aino Turtiainen-Visala, is Managing Director of the oldest artist management firm in the world, Fazer Artists who celebrate their 110th year in 2013. She has served as Board member since 2007 as Deputy Chair and has also served on several committees including the IAMA/AEAA website, and the conference committee.
Outgoing Chairman, John Willan who has served seven years said this: "I am delighted that Aino has accepted the chairmanship of the Association. We have worked closely together through some difficult times for the industry; her experience, vitality and immense charm will be of great value to the board and the membership in the future. I wish her every success.”
Elections were also concluded on 30 November 2012 with the following board places as follows: Elected places : Helen Sykes as the new Deputy Chair and board members, David Sigall (Ingpen & Williams), Monica Felkel (YCA Inc.); Jacob Soelberg (Nordic Artists); Roderick Thomson (Hazard Chase); Carola Reul (Konzertdirektion Schmid). Continuing on the board : Meghan King (Ibermusica); Véronique Jourdain (Véronique Jourdain Artists Management); Günther Obwexer (Aliopera); Janis Susskind (Boosey & Hawkes).

Atholl Swainston-Harrison
Chief Executive

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23rd IAMA International Conference: 25-27 April 2013, Vienna. Hosts: Konzerthaus Wien. Booking opens January 2013.