Finnish Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Interdisciplinary Music Research

Published 26.3.2008

The overall theme of the research carried out at the CoE is the human as
a listener, experiencer, and performer of music. Within this theme,
research will investigate areas including perception and learning of
music, musical emotions, and the connection between music and motion.
The research is empirical and makes use of modern technology, such as
brain imaging and motion capture devices as well as computer modelling.

The CoE is lead by Prof. Petri Toiviainen. In his research, he
specializes in computational modelling of cognitive processes of music
and computational methods for music analysis. The vice-leader, Adjunct
Professor Mari Tervaniemi, has extensive expertise in cognitive
neuroscience of music. The CoE consists of two research teams, the Music Cognition Team (University of Jyväskylä, Department of Music, lead by
Petri Toiviainen) and the Brain and Music Team (Helsinki University,
Department of Psychology, lead by Mari Tervaniemi). It comprises a total
of ca. 30 researchers.

Contact information

Prof. Petri Toiviainen ptoiviai[at]
Department of Music
P.O. Box 35 (M)
University of Jyväskylä 40014
Tel. +358 14 260 1330
Fax. +358 14 260 1331