II International Uuno KlamiI Composition Competition Entering The Next Phase

Published 5.11.2008

The II International Uuno Klami Composition Competition that has had a favourable reception will soon be entering its next phase: entries must reach the Competition Office by

1 December at the latest. The well-known competition jury will choose the finalists at the beginning of 2009. The members of the jury are composers Kalevi Aho, Magnus Lindberg and Anders Eliasson and conductor Yasuo Shinozaki, all of whom have made their mark on the international music world.

The II International Uuno Klami Composition Competition was announced in the Nordic countries, the EU, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland and Liechtenstein in January 2008. It is one of the most interesting music competitions in Europe and the only international composition competition organised in Finland that aims to produce new repertoire for an orchestra of sinfonietta type. The competition has aroused wide international interest: over one hundred enquiries from about 30 countries have been addressed to the competition and several compositions have already been submitted.

The short-listed compositions and their composers will be presented to the audience in a unique way: The Kymi Sinfonietta will perform the finals works in two concerts conducted by its Artistic Director Yasuo Shinozaki. The world premieres of these compositions will be given in the city of Kouvola, Finland on 18 September 2009. The competition will culminate in the city of Kotka, Finland on 19 September 2009, after which the winners will be announced. The competition differs from most other composition competitions in that the jury hears the short-listed compositions at finals concerts and their rehearsals before making its ultimate decision. It thus has several performances on which to base its impressions. The Kotka finals concert will be broadcast by YLE – the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

The aim of the competition is to highlight the notable role of Uuno Klami as a composer who enriched Finland’s musical heritage. His work reflected international influences in a manner that is still felt in Finnish musical culture. One of the most important purposes of the competition is to continue Klami’s international musical orientation by creating a meeting place for the creativity that abounds among composers all over Europe.

The eminent jury and the value of the prizes are among the reasons why the competition has aroused so much interest. The following prizes will be awarded: I prize 11,000 euros, II prize 9,000 euros and III prize 7,000 euros.

Further information: Executive Director: Ms Reetaliina Marin, +358 50324 0058,
e-mail: reetaliina.marin[at]kymisinfonietta.fi, fax: +358 5 234 4708 or
internet: http://www.klamicompetition.fi/