Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra

The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orhestra (OCO), founded by the Orchestra's Honorary Conductor Juha Kangas in 1972, has been a professional orchestra since 1989. The homogeneous sound and dynamic impact of the Orchestra are a result of years of playing together. Since 2013, Sakari Oramo served as the Artistic Director of the Orchestra. The new Artistic Director, Malin Broman, took up her appointment from autumn 2019.

The Orchestra’s repertoire covers periods in the history from the Baroque to the present day. The OCO has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of contemporary Finnish music. Many Finnish composers have written and dedicated works to the Orchestra. The OCO has also close contacts with composers both in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries and has premiered more than 160 works to date.

The OCO was awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize in 1993 and has since been the recipient of many other distinctions. The OCO performs regularly with top international soloists and has released more than 70 recordings. Its foreign tours have taken it to several European countries, Japan and USA.

Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra

Wolfgang Amadé Mozart Imperial Hall Concerts
Sakari Oramo, kapellimestari

Kuuden levyn kokoelma, johon on kerätty valikoima äänityksiä Würzburgin MozartFestin konserteista.

Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra

The Anders Chydenius Collection
Niamh McKenna, huilu
Elina Mustonen, cembalo
Gaetano Pugnani: Quartetto 2 in e flat
Christian Ernst Graf: Quartet in G major op. 17/3
Guiseppe Maria Giacchino Cambini: Quartet in D major op. 1/5
Antonio Sacchini: Quartet in C major, op. 2/3
Lebrecht Julius Schulz: Quartet V in e minor
Gaetano Pugnani: Quartet III in A major

Alba Records ABCD 449
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra

Russian Masquerade
Sakari Oramo, kapellimestari
Sergei Prokofjev: Visions fugitives
Alexander Skriabin: Preludes, Op. 11
Anton Arensky: Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky, Op. 35a
Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Elegy for string orchestra

Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra

Hans Gál: Music for Viola, Volume One
Sakari Oramo, kapellimestari
Hanna Pakkala, alttoviulu
Reijo Tunkkari, viulu
Takuya Takashima, oboe
Irina Zahharenkova, piano
Hans Gál: Suite concertante for Viola and Orchestra, Op. 102a (1949)
Divertimento for Violin and Viola, Op. 90, No. 3 (1969)
Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op. 101 (1942)
Trio for Oboe, Violin and Viola, Op. 94 (1941)

Toccata, TOCC 0535
Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra

A Finnish Elegy
Juha Kangas, kapellimestari
Jari Valo, viulu
Jukka Harju, käyrätorvi
Pehr Henrik Nordgren:
Konsertto nro 4 viululle ja jousiorkesterille op. 90
Kallioon piirretty op. 100
Konsertto käyrätorvelle ja jousille op. 95

Alba Records ABCD 425

Mannerheiminaukio 4
FI-67100 Kokkola

Artistic Director
Malin Broman

Honorary Conductor
Juha Kangas

General Manager
Marjukka Puutio
+358 400 630 166

Publicity Manager
Sara Nikula-Nyman
+358 40 762 7616

Finance Manager
Merja Tikkala
+358 400 878 740

Producer, Education
Aino Häli
+358 400 250 906

Programme Coordinator
Lauri Pulakka
+358 50 351 1709

Music Librarian
Visa Jämsä
+358 40 524 1550

Ticket sales
+358 40 770 0151

+358 6 824 2250

1972 (OCO), 1973 (KO)

Size 20 (OCO),
64 (KO) musicians

Concert venues
Snellman Hall, 577 seats
Concervatory Hall,
243 seats
Church of Kokkola,
1200 seats
Church of Kaarlela,
800 seats

0600 399 499 (1 €/min + pvm/mpm)
Luckan i Karleby
Office +358 40 770 0151