UMO Jazz Orchestra

UMO Jazz Orchestra

UMO (Finnish acronym for New Music Orchestra) is rated as one of the world's leading big bands. It especially promotes Finnish music both at home and abroad. By commissioning and performing as much new material as possible, it both stimulates and supports Finnish jazz production and export. UMO has so far released over fifty albums and appeared on numerous other recordings. It also takes part in the music education, giving lessons and concerts. The band also collaborates regularly with other orchestras and art forms.

UMO's repertoire presently consists of over 3000 compositions and this unique collection keeps on growing year by year. Most of the pieces are from Finnish contemporary composers and visiting conductors and soloists from all over the world. Top jazz names such as Thad Jones, Dizzy Gillespie, Gil Evans and Tomasz Stanko, Gregory Porter, Hermeto Pascoal and Laura Mvula have performed with UMO, and international collaboration has been crucial both for the orchestra and the development of Finnish jazz.

UMO has participated in numerous music export projects and performed at some of the world's biggest music markets, such as PopKomm in Berlin and Midem in Cannes. The latest tours abroad include the Sauna palaa! album's promotional tour in Canada  and the two-week performance period at a circus festival in Paris with the Finnish new circus group Circo Aereo. 

G Livelab

UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO plays Frank Zappa

Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen
Jere Haakana

UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO & Aili Ikonen: Blue Notes on Silver Screen – jazzia elokuvissa

Kirmo Lintinen
Aili Ikonen

UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO & Jussi Lampela: Jazz Noir feat. Jukka Perko & Jukka Eskola

Jussi Lampela
Jukka Perko, Jukka Eskola, Joonas Tikkanen
Konsertti on osa SavoyJAZZ-festivaalia. Illan aikana esiintyy myös Billy Cobham: Crosswinds Project. 
Konsertti-illan kesto n. 2,5-3 t, sis. väliajan.

UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO & Värttinä

Mikko Hassinen
Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho, Karoliina Kantelinen, Matti Laitinen, Lassi Logren

UMO Jazz Orchestra
Presto-lounaskonsertti: Teppo Mäkynen & UMO

Mikko Hassinen
Teppo Mäkynen
UMO Jazz Orchestra
My Name Is Nicole Willis
Mikko Pettinen, conductor
Nicole Willis, vocals
Jimi Tenor
L. Lehto/I. F. Svenonius/N. Willis: Introduction feat. Ian F. Svenonius,
Nicole Willis: Break Free (Shake A Tailfeather),
Haunted By The Devil, One In A Million,
(Everybody) Do The Watusi, No Child Denied,
Together We Climb, When We Go Down,
Togetherness, Still Got A Way To Fall
L. Lehto/I. F. Svenonius/N. Willis: Final Call, feat. Ian F. Svenonius
Persephone Records/Herakles Records PERSE-002CD
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Universal Music Orchestra
Itiberê Zwarg, conductor
Hermeto Pascoal, melodica, prepared piano & water glass
Aline Morena, vocals & pandeiro
Mariana Zwarg, piccolo flute
Maria Teresa Maldonado, voice
Itiberê Zwarg:
Galopada, De lá pra cá,
Tem mico no quintal, No melhor da festa,
Pimenta da braba, Pra vocês da UMO,
Joseph Kosma/Jacques Prévert/Johnny Merce: Autumn Leaves,
Itiberê Zwarg:
Cominchão, Realejo, Acordando, Maracajú, Muriqui, Pastel & Caldo de cana
Biscoito Fino BF443-2
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Arctic Blues
Eero Koivistoinen, tenorisaksofoni & kapellimestari
Eero Koivistoinen: Moz, Arctic Blues, Longing, Mean Meat Blues, Hallanvaara, Oshumare, Nordisk samarbete, Straight Up, Teranga, Picture in 3 Colours, Long Way From Home, Northern Dimension, Rose In a Valley, Halling,,
Säv. Thelonius Monk/Sov. Eero Koivistoinen: Ruby My Dear, Off Minor
Svart Records SVART049CD
UMO Jazz Orchestra
UMO Jazz Orchestra with Michael Brecker: Live in Helsinki 1995
Rich Shemaria, kapellimestari
Michael Brecker, tenorisaksofoni
Bronislav Kaper, arr. Kenny Berger: Invitation
Michael Brecker, arr. Rich Shemaria: Slang
Chuck Clark: Andrea's Song
Horace Silver, arr. Mike Mossman: Nica's Dream
Kirmo Lintinen: Ginare
Bobby Troup, arr. Jiggs Whigham: The Meaning of the Blues
Vince Mendoza: The Big Picture
Michael Brecker, arr. Rich Shemaria: Song for Barry
Horace Silver, arr. Jerry Ascione: Nutville
Michael Brecker, arr. Rich Shemaria: Never alone
Random Act Records RAR1018CD
UMO Jazz Orchestra
Mysterium Magnum
Jimi Tenor, Ritm-2, tenorisaksofoni ja huilu
Jimi Tenor: 1. Naulamatto, 2. Blue Ural, 3. Mysterium Minus, 4. Kratera, 5. Koneen Sydän, 6. I Was Here, 7. Ghost Warrior, 8. Sähköinen Laji, 9. Sekava Kela, 10. Selvännäkijä, 11. Kollaasi, 12. Huumatun Pako
Herakles Records HRKL-004CD
Tallberginkatu 1//139
FI-00180 Helsinki

Executive Director
Eeva Pirkkala
+358 40 743 7141

Production Manager
Terhi Siirala
+358 40 763 6275

Marketing & Communications Manager
Niina Eeva
+358 45 147 7655

Valtteri Pokela, part time
+358 44 512 5578

Stage Manager
Ilkka Ferm, dep. until 31.12.
+358 40 524 5437

Founded 1975

Size 16 musicians

Concert Venue
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