Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Häkkinen inspires his musicians into a softly atmospheric evocation of pastoral spaciousness interspersed with shadows of gentle agitation. Excellent.
- Nalen Anthoni, Gramophone 10/2012 (Editor's Choice)

For twenty years Helsinki Baroque Orchestra’s performances and recordings have been captivating audiences with their potent combination of emotional eloquence and infectious vitality. The orchestra's programmes frequently include first modern performances of unpublished or reconstructed masterpieces, and also shed unexpected and often provocative new light on more familiar works. Their music-making has contributed to the ensemble’s reputation as major exponents of Baltic and German Baroque music.

At home, groundbreaking productions of Handel’s, Haydn’s and Ko˛eluch’s operas have earned the orchestra wide recognition. Since 2011, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra’s monthly series at the Helsinki Music Centre has reached a large, new and enthusiastic public. A visionary selection of repertoire and guest artists has ignited the audience in an unprecedented way, and in the process catalysed Early Music’s elevation to something of a cult status in Finland.

Aapo Häkkinen is an interesting guy who, with minimal external gestures, has created an exciting sex appeal around his ensemble. Of course it's ultimately all about impeccable musicianship, which ... seems to be unrivalled in the Nordic countries.
- Mats Liljeroos, Hufvudstadsbladet, 3.1.2012

Equally at home in a more intimate setting, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra has launched its own midsummer festival in the idyllic setting of Janakkala’s medieval stone church.

Helsinki Baroque’s sound has enthralled listeners from the Amsterdam Concertgebouw to Berlin’s Konzerthaus and the Cologne Philharmonie, and at major festivals such as Bremen, Rheingau, Washington, and Jerusalem. Recurring soloists and guest directors include Franco Fagioli, Isabelle Faust, Reinhard Goebel, Erich Höbarth, René Jacobs, Julia Lezhneva, Werner Güra, Carolyn Sampson, Enrico Onofri and Skip Sempé.

Doch das war nur der Höhepunkt. In diesem Konzert stimmte auch sonst alles.
- Joachim Lange, Leipziger Volkszeitung, 5.6.2012

Musiikkitalo, Camerata

Helsingin barokkiorkesteri
Bach, Couperin

Aapo Häkkinen, cembalo
Bach, Couperin
Theater an der Wien, Itävalta

Helsingin barokkiorkesteri
Hasse: Irene

Aapo Häkkinen
Julia Lezhneva, sopraano
Dara Savinova, mezzosopraano
Max Emanuel Cenčić, David DQ Lee ja Bruno de Sá, kontratenori
Johann Adolph Hasse: Irene, ooppera

Helsingin barokkiorkesteri

Minna Pensola, viulu
Atte Kilpeläinen, alttoviulu
Tomas Djupsjöbacka, sello
Paavali Jumppanen, fortepiano
Musiikkitalo, Camerata

Helsingin barokkiorkesteri
Bach, Linike, Telemann

Anne Freitag, traverso
Domen Marinčič, viola da gamba
Toma˛ Sevšek, cembalo
Musiikkitalo, Konserttisali

Helsingin barokkiorkesteri
Stabat Mater

Dmitry Sinkovsky, joht., viulu & kontratenori
Liliya Gaysina, sopraano
Pergolesi, Vivaldi
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Carolyn Sampson, Benno Schachtner, Werner Güra, Jonathan Sells, Cornelius Uhle
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir Helsinki Baroque Orchestra
Aapo Häkkinen
Schumann: Adventlied Ballade vom Pagen und der königstochter
J.S. Bach: Cantata BWV 105

Ondine ODE 1312-2
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra
Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerti à Cembali concertati Vol.3
Aapo Häkkinen, cembalo
Pierre Hantaļ, cembalo
Johann Sebastian Bach:
Konsertto kahdelle cembalolle ja jousille BWV 1060
Konsertto kahdelle cembalolle ja jousille C-duuri BWV 1061
Konsertto kahdelle cembalolle ja jousille c-molli BWV 1062
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Konsertto kahdelle cembalolle F-duuri F 10
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra
Arias and Overtures
Aapo Häkkinen
Monica Groop, mezzosopraano
Kraus, Joseph Martin:
Proserpin, VB 19: Overture Du i hvars oskuldsfulla blick, VB 30 Plus de crainte: Ma tu tremi, VB 63 Ch'io mai vi possa, VB 59 Zum Geburtstage des Konigs Gustav III, VB 41: Overture Parvum quando cerno Deum, VB 5 Afventyraren, eller Resan till manens o, VB 32: Overture Du temps, qui detruit tout, VB 58 Sentimi, non partir - Al mio bene, VB 55 Begravningskantata for Gustavus III, VB 42: Overture Hor mina omma suckar klaga, VB 2
Naxos 8.572865
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra
J.S. Bach: Harpsichord Concertos vol. 2
Aapo Häkkinen, joht. & cembalo
Johann Sebastian Bach:Cembalokonsertto d-molli, BWV 1054
Cembalokonsertto A-duuri, BWV 1055

Cembalokonsertto F-duuri, BWV 1057
Fantasia c-molli, BWV 906
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach:
Cembalokonsertto G-duuri, Fk 40
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra
Bach: Harpsichord concertos vol. 1
Aapo Häkkinen, joht. & cembalo
Johann Sebastian Bach: Harpsichord concert D minor [BWV 1052]
Harpsichord concerto E major [BWV 1053]
Harpsichord concerto G minor [BWV 1056]
Italian Concerto F major [BWV 971]

Nilsiänkatu 8
FI-00510 Helsinki

Artistic director
Aapo Häkkinen
+358 50 492 4339

General Manager
Márta Schmidt
+358 50 527 6994

Ilona Kaski
+358 40 704 7230

Founded: 1997

Size: 5-50 musicians

Concert venues: