Pohjoismaiset orkesteripäivät Tampereella 25.-27.9.

Publicerad 17.6.2008

Vuoden 2008 pohjoismaiset orkesteripäivät järjestetään Tampereella 25.-27. syyskuuta ja konferenssia isännöi Tampere Filharmonia.

Orkesteripäivien virallinen kieli on englanti.

The Nordic Orchestra Conference will be held in Tampere in September 25-27, 2008. All the orchestra managers and other representatives of Nordic and this time also Baltic orchestras are warmly welcome to take part to the conference. We will concentrate to orchestra audience research and marketing questions, discuss about Nordic and Baltic cooperation in orchestra field, we can learn interesting visions about new technics, music and mobility from Nokia's and orchestras' point of view. We will hear the latest news concerning the Helsinki Music Centre, we will talk about art and music itself and we are going to think together about musicians ageing and flexibility in orchestras - and many other interesting questions. All our speakers are highly appreciated specialists.

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